Corporate training for enterprises and institutions.

For over 20 years, we have been developing unique, customized education programmes that effectively meet the needs of organizations.

Our committed focus on the client means a targeted education offering, where quality is the common denominator.

A multichannel approach for a learning continuum—a library of digital learning titles accessible anywhere, anytime, specially designed custom content, and in-person training using innovative learning tools, to empower your organization in pursuing growth and development. Our education programmes are built on advanced technological solutions to create compelling learning experiences that are engaging and instructive.


From a Corporate Academy programme to ready-to-go content, an end-to-end service you can always rely on.

Corporate Academy

We design and deliver turnkey Corporate Academy programmes, building on our deep experience and the know-how of a faculty of seasoned experts and professionals of international standing. We provide custom content tailored to corporate strategies, adopting a multichannel approach that makes the most of a variety of channels and formats to guarantee the effectiveness of the learning process. We also manage legacy Corporate Academy content and, building on specialist skills, use data analytics to design programmes that combine the strengths of digital learning environments with live experiences and networking opportunities.

Learning Library

Our learning library offers a wealth of ready-to-go titles, from digital content to instructor-led training courses, brought to you by an outstanding faculty of seasoned experts and designed by a team of specialist designers, creative professionals, and developers. Client satisfaction and content updating are constantly monitored to keep abreast of developments in training needs and requirements.

Scalable Services

Learning in the workplace does not end with the simple acquisition of notional knowledge. It entails acquiring the capacity to put knowledge into practice and deliver the many changing objectives set by an enterprise to further its strategies. At Digit’Ed, we take learning further, with scalable services that target structural processes at depth to enhance their long-lasting effectiveness.

Custom projects

At Digit’Ed, we design learning programmes that go beyond classroom training and online courses. From change management programmes to organizational advisory, we design on request by our clients wide-ranging projects that deliver significant impacts on all corporate processes. Dealing with transition and change calls for a structured approach, one that encompasses all the many dimensions of modern business organizations. Designing means conceiving something, studying and crafting in detail the best ways to achieve it. That is what we do at Digit’Ed.


Twenty years of designing and delivering effective corporate training and professional development.


platforms activated


projects delivered in one year


people trained in 2022

5.5 M

training hours delivered in 2022

Enterprises today demand top quality content and the flexibility of a continuum of formats. Our academic excellence and multichannel learning solutions are the key to our ability to deliver satisfaction, guaranteed.

Mario Vitale,
Chief Commercial Officer


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