Let’s build the future together.

Digit’Ed is an innovative workplace built on deep experience. Our people come from diverse but complementary professional backgrounds, joining forces to build each and every day the future of our company and of the country. Tomorrow, you could be one of those people.


At Digit’Ed, we work together with you to map out your professional growth.

People first

It is what drives us every day to invest in the training and development of our human capital, to give each and every person the future and the career they deserve.

Stimulating work environment

A workplace built on diversity, which thrives off the different stories of each, engaging people and inviting them to make a contribution.

Positive and adventurous spirit

We love enterprising, passionate, and creative people—these are the attitudes we encourage every day, because we believe in the wealth and value they can bring to the company as a whole.


Our ambition is to unlock the talent of all our people.

At Digit’Ed, we believe individual people are unique, just like their individual talents are unique.
That is why we value and invest in our people, so that they can achieve their goals, while helping us achieve ours and reshape the future of education.

If we devote attention to the professional growth of each and every person,
the contribution of each and every person will grow to new heights.

Marco Bolzoni
Head of People & Culture


Work with us at Digit’Ed.

We are always on the look-out for new talent. Learn more about the opportunities to join our team and make your contribution to furthering our purpose.