24ORE Business School

Italy’s first Digital Business School.

A success story
since 1994

For 30 years, 24ORE Business School has been providing leading business education and management training. Established with the mission of driving people to success in their careers and the business world, the school offers a comprehensive range of master programmes and courses covering all areas of the corporate world, to serve organizations in all their functions. The school’s focus on innovation, its close ties to the corporate world, and its consolidated network of partnerships with businesses and institutions make it the go-to education provider to fast-track your career and gain the skills demanded by an ever-changing market.

24ORE business school education offering.

24ORE Business School has built its success on high quality content and flexibility in the delivery of top education programmes targeted at school leavers, new graduates, professionals, and business people. Its in-person master programmes blend solid theory and hands-on practice in the corporate world. The wide range of programmes delivered in-person, in live streaming, and on-demand enables learners to intersect their education paths to their chosen career path. Deep experience in education and a pragmatic, business-oriented approach form the cornerstones of the school’s ability to support the professional development of individuals and the transformation of organizations. Added to the education offering is a rich calendar of executive events and international meetings bringing together leading players in business, finance, technology, and Italian and global institutions.


Snapshot in numbers of 24ORE Business School.


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New graduates

Full-time master programmes with internships – Part-time master programmes – MBA – University master programmes (valid course credits) – Part-time courses – On-demand courses

School leavers

Undergraduate courses – Intensive courses with internships – Intensive courses – Coding Academy – Digital Academy – Part-time courses – On-demand courses


Executive MBA – Master Executive – Part-time master programmes – MBA – University master programmes (valid course credits) – Full-time master programmes with a career service – On-demand courses – Master Euroconference – Masterclasses