Digit’Ed: a leader driven by its values.

We strive every day to pioneer the future of education in Italy.


Education is an enabler, the golden key to growth for the country.

Human capital is the most precious asset for the country’s future. Training is an investment that unlocks the skills and abilities of people, leveraging the best that technology has to offer. Training is the key to growth for the individual and for the company. That is why we work every day towards the ultimate goal of building Italy’s leading education hub.


The values that guide us in the way we work, every day.

The ethics of excellence

We believe in excellence as the foundation of success. It is the common denominator in all that we do, what we offer our clients, and what we look for in our partners. It is what drives us to better ourselves constantly, to enable each and every person to realize their full potential.

People care

Learning is a deeply personal experience. That is why for us it is essential to focus closely on the needs of the individual, in all their aspects. We are at the service of people, listening to them and working to make the most of their skills and abilities, to ensure that everyone can access new opportunities for growth and development.

The spirit of initiative

We believe that a healthy spirit of initiative and the constant drive to give one’s all are fundamental for turning every new challenge into an opportunity for change.

The power of creativity

As people we never stop learning. And the ways we do so are infinitely surprising. It takes creativity, skills sharing, and a multitude of different perspectives to fruitfully explore new and original ways for developing innovative and original learning experiences.

At Digit’Ed, people put creativity, spirit of initiative, and cooperation to good use for the benefit of others. We’re people who design solutions for other people.

Valerio Momoni
Chief Corporate Development & M&A