A single partner that brings together the best names in the industry, for a comprehensive and modular education offering at the service of all people.

We are the Italian leader in corporate training. Backed by over 30 years of experience in the sector, we combine resources, specialist skills, and advanced technology to build innovative learning experiences, customized to your unique needs. We work together with a network of partners that is constantly growing and evolving. Just like the future for those who choose our education offering.


Value that goes beyond the face value of numbers.


Years’ experience in the training industry


Professionals, Italy’s biggest team




Managerial and academic instructors


The value of excellence, the strength of credibility, in every aspect of education.

Where quality is a common denominator

The depth of our organizational experience powers our ability to design effective projects able to deliver the objectives of large corporates, SMEs, and professionals alike, building on partnerships with prestigious Italian and international learning institutions. A true goldmine of skills, experiences, and approaches, featuring quality hands-on content and programmes that are constantly updated.

A network of excellence

We create learning experiences that truly make the difference. We are a strategic partner for organizations looking for the best in corporate training and digital learning. We draw on the expertise of Accurate in medical simulation and the knowledge of Treccani Accademia. And we are ready to keep growing through new partnerships.

Your one-stop shop

Building on our deep experience and education network, our ability to tap all resources and forge synergies between specialist fields has driven us to become the go-to education hub on the Italian market, a one-stop shop that stands out forcefully against a background of fragmentation and complexity.


Management team

in pioneering the future of education in Italy.

Our values

What inspires us each day is what makes the difference.

Our story

Leadership rooted in the experience of the past, with its sights on the future.