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Professional development, training, welfare, and an amazing team—take a peek at what awaits you!


Being part of the Digit’Ed team means being part of an ambitious mission—to innovate and reshape professional education in Italy. With initiative, creativity, and without limits. To unlock all the growth potential of the country.

The ideal team members for Digit’Ed? Experts in technology, with a passion for education and creative flair.

Marco Bolzoni
Head of People & Culture


A work environment in constant transformation.


At Digit’Ed, each of us brings our diverse experiences and backgrounds to contribute every day to building a consolidated store of knowledge and skills that can truly make the difference for each of our clients.


What sets our team apart is its enterprising spirit and the constant drive to take the initiative and seek out new and stimulating challenges. We are always ready to welcome new people with our same spirit—the spirit of seeing every new challenge as an opportunity for improvement.


Passion, creativity, and the constant drive to reach new goals is what motivates us each day to give our best. That is the spirit that guides us in building a dynamic and cooperative workplace.


Each and every one of us is unique—unique in our abilities, passions, and experiences. At Digit’Ed, we work to enhance the talent of every individual, to build together the best workplace possible, underpinned by an inclusive corporate culture.


Our ambition is to unlock the talent of all our people.

The driving force of an innovative business in constant transformation is its people. The team is what determines the success of a project. That is why we invest in the talent and abilities of each of our people.


More than just a mere office.

We have designed our premises to be a welcoming, functional, and collaborative workplace, to stimulate creativity and cooperation. The perfect setting in which to express your talent best.


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