Section 1—General information

Digit’Ed S.p.A. (VAT Reg. 07490560633), a single-member company subject to the management and coordination of Digit’Ed Holding S.p.A., in the person of its legal representative pro tempore, and headquartered in Via San Vigilio No. 1, 20142 Milan, Italy, email address:, in its capacity as Data controller, processes your data using cookies and other similar tracking tools while you are browsing this website.
This Cookie Policy is provided as an addendum to the Digit’Ed Website Privacy Policy and describes which cookies and other similar tracking tools are used by our website, their relative purposes, and the actions that may be carried out to manage the preferences you express.
This website uses technologies to improve its usability and enhance the user experience of users browsing the website, while offering users additional features. Those technologies include cookies, pixels, and scripts (hereinafter collectively “cookies”).
Cookies are small blocks of data sent by a web server to the Internet browser and saved automatically on your personal computer or portable device (hereinafter “device”). The blocks contain information on the settings you choose for the web page (such as language and screen resolution) and log-in information. These data files are generated by the web server linked to your browser and then sent to your device.
Further information on how we process your personal data, including the personal data collected via cookies, how you can exercise your rights to protect your personal data, and the contact details of our Data Protection Officer (DPO), can be found in our Privacy Policy.

Section 2—Managing cookies

Our website can be used without accepting cookies. However, disabling or removing cookies may limit the optimal performance of or your ability to use the website. If you wish to make full use of the features of our website, we recommend accepting cookies, which will enable or simplify the use of certain features.

Most Internet browsers are set by default to accept cookies automatically. You can stop saving cookies at any time with future effect by changing the settings on your browser so as not to accept cookies, or to accept only certain types of cookies, or to be notified by your browser every time a new cookie is saved. By doing so, however, the disabling or removal of cookies may limit the optimal performance of some of the features of our website.

The choices you make concern the browser for which you have saved your preferences. If you use more than one browser or device, you may need to change the default settings on those additional browsers/devices to save your cookie preferences. In certain cases, after updates are installed or if you decide to remove cookies from your browser, your settings may be cleared and we may have to ask you again if you accept our cookies the next time you visit our website.

For more information on how to disable cookies or change your settings, click on the link provided for your browser. Alternatively, select the “Help” feature in the browser you use.

Microsoft Edge

Software applications designed to manage cookies for you also exist. You can find more information on cookies and how to manage them on help pages found on the Internet, for instance

If you choose to change your browser settings or to use software applications that block cookies, we will respect your settings and not send you the types of cookies that have been changed and/or blocked. If you choose to enable cookies on your browser, a cookie banner will appear on our website inviting you to express your cookie preferences, such as, for instance, accepting only certain types of cookies. Cookies will only be sent if you consent to accepting the relative type of cookies. Technical cookies do not require your consent and will always be saved, if you enable cookies in your browser settings.

You can withdraw your consent and/or change the types of cookies you have accepted at any time.

Section 3—Types of cookies

In general, cookies can be classified in the following types:
“session” cookies, which are immediately removed when you close your browser;
“persistent” cookies, which remain on your browser for a lengthier amount of time;
“first-party” cookies, which are generated and managed directly by the operator of the website the user is browsing;
“third-party” cookies, which are generated and managed by other entities and not the operator of the website the user is browsing.
In terms of their purpose, cookies can be classified as:
1) Technical cookies, which enable the website to function and users to browse it—without them, the user would not be able to load the pages properly and use some of the services the website offers. Your consent is not required for this type of cookie.
2) Performance or analytic cookies, which are used to assess the website’s performance through a statistical analysis of user traffic. Your consent is normally required for this type of cookie to be used.
3) Profiling cookies, which enable users’ behaviour to be monitored, so as to send them advertising material in line with the preferences they show while browsing. Your express consent is required for this type of cookie.

Section 4—Cookies used by our website

The Digit’Ed website only uses first-party technical cookies; we do not utilise profiling cookies.
Reported here below is a full list of the cookies used by the Digit’Ed website.

Cookie name Type Purpose Duration
_pk_id.13559 Technical cookie Stores some of the user’s details 13 months
_pk_ses.1.ee86 Technical cookie Temporarily stores data for the display of the website 30 minutes

Matomo Analytics   
This website uses Matomo Analytics. The web analytics service provided by Matomo uses cookies that are stored on users’ computers to enable statistical analyses, in aggregate form, of user traffic on the website visited. The information helps us understand, for example, the number of pages viewed, the search engine used, and the keyword used for the search.

Updated: 5 July 2022